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THE 10 BE’S OF POSITIVITY© is a self-help book that provides steps that can be taken to live a more positive and forward moving life. This book will provide tips on how to: BE honest, BE you, BE open-minded, BE loving, BE a good listener, BE grateful, BE spiritual, BE positive, BE forgiving, and BE patient/in the moment.

Stellar Endorsements for Lynette Turner’s The 10 Be’s of Positivity include:

Dr. Bernie Siegel
“This is a practical book, filled with wisdom, which can easily be applied to one's daily life. The changes it can coach you into creating will help you to enhance the quality of your life and heal your emotional wounds.”
- Bernie Siegel MD is the author of 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and Love, Magic and Mud Pies

Dr. Robert Muller
“What a perfect book! The 10 Be's of Positivity ™ is wonderful, brief and my kind of book. The 10 BE's are easy to remember and will help every reader live life to the fullest and be happy."
- Dr. Robert Muller is co-founder of the University of Peace, served as Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, and is author of several books, including Most of All They Taught Me Happiness

Robert Moss
"Lynette Turner spreads sunshine wherever she goes. The ten steps to positive living she offers in her heart-centered book will help you reach for the joy behind the clouds of even the darkest day."
- Robert Moss is the author of Conscious Dreaming

Trudy Griswold
“Do something positive for yourself; buy and read this excellent book. When you apply Lynette’s 10 Be’s Of Positivity to your life your true self will emerge enabling you to live the life you were meant to live and to fully become the person you were meant to be.”
-Trudy Griswold is a spiritual success coach and author of Angelspeake: How To Talk With Your Angels

Lionel Ketchian
“Lynette Turner's book the 10 Be's of Positivity is a must read for anyone wishing to understand and expand their well being in life. Lynette's comprehension of happiness is matched by her living each of the 10 B's in her own life. Be Happy Now! Buy this extraordinary and illuminating book and reach out to B all you can B!”
Sharing Love, Peace and Happiness with you, Lionel Ketchian www.happinessclub.com
-Lionel Ketchian is the founder of The Happiness Club and author or Food For Thought

Kathryn Speakes-Large
"During these times of transformation The 10 Be's of Positivity opens the door to introspection and healing with a loving gentle tug.  Lynette shares from her heart personal anecdotes, sweetly whispers questions to the reader and offers powerful positive suggestions to initiate the change the reader desires. It is a cheerleader of support and love in book form!"
- Kathryn Large is the founder of Soul Kisses Spiritual Whispers and Communicating Through Dementia and the author of Waiting in the Other Room and Florence Scovel Shinn's Game of Life Unleashed!

Click here to order your copy of The 10 Be's of Positivity!

What others are saying about The 10 Be’s of Positivity:

Having known Lynette for several years now, I see how her positive attitude, light and gratitude shines like a beacon. It illuminates the place where she is with a beautiful atmosphere. She is a sterling example of her philosophy and the great effects it generates
~Paul Brunner

 Loved it – very captivating! Thank You!
~Lisa Nastu

 Lynette Turner’s, The Ten Be’s of Positivity is very uplifting and a practical guide to how to start living a more positive and fulfilling life.
~Beth Lazar

 Lynette, you are so right about the importance of staying in the moment. Thank you!
~Carol Joyce

 I am certain that the 10 Be’s of Positivity will truly bless others lives.
~Marla Durling

 I am grateful for your reminders. Namaste
~Debbie O’Neill

 I really enjoyed this workshop. It complimented the various other works I have been reading lately. Thank you.
~Pam Drew

 Great material that I can easily put to use in my daily life to be more positive.
~Rosann Salvo

Click here to order your copy of The 10 Be's of Positivity!

“A portion of the book proceeds will be donated to the
African Institute for Democracy and development in Cameroon, Central Africa.”

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